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Travis Cahall
My go to vape shop. Always very chill when I come in. Brett likes to leave sharpie marks on the table, so don't sit too close to the bar, but other than that it's great. (Inside joke). This is a very great shop. Come check it out.
Antonisha Jacobs
First thing first, Brett (yes with two it's ;)) was awesome and so was the rest of the staff! They are so down to earth and genuinely good people. On our first visit he greeted us kindly and it was like he knew us. He was very knowledgeable in their products and gave awesome recommendations. At Current Vapor Co they have a wide variety of products for every budget and they let you sample different juices so that you know what you are getting. A few days after we went back to get a few more things and they recognized us. They are practically family now! This is the only place I go because I know they won't lead me wrong. Try them out. You won't be disappointed.
Joe Castagna
Fun place to hang out, best customer service I have seen in Richmond, and extremely competitive prices. They are very adamant about being as consumer friendly as possible by keeping their prices as low as they can, and creating a friendly environment. I went in to try out some new eLiquid and check out the shop, I was interested in possibly buying an RTA but was a little wary of the learning curve it might entail. The guys were extremely helpful and suggested a tank and showed me exactly how everything worked and even wicked it for me. I had a bunch of newbie questions that they were super cool about answering for me. Best of all, they said when it comes time to rewick my tank (about a week or so depending on use) that I can just come in and they can either just do it for me or coach me tough the process. I don't think any other vape shop around would do that for me. Their eLiquid selection is pretty unique, they have a decent amount of flavors, all of which are very high quality and taste great. They pretty much have a flavor for any profile. The prices are very good for high-quality eLiquid\. The shop is a really great place to just stop by and hang out as well. They seemed like they encourage their customers to come in and relax. When I was there on a Friday night there were a few people just sitting around chewing the rag and what not. Seemed like a fun place to meet some new people who are interested in vaping. They have a nice set up with couches and a TV and apparently upstairs is a game room type area but I did not have a chance to check it out. This is defiantly my go to spot for Vape supplies in Richmond now. If you're new to vaping, looking to start using more advanced mods or an expert that needs to re-up on supplies they have everything you'll need. Plus its just a fun place to stop in and say whats up. What more can you ask for?
Kyle Banks
If you're flicking through locations on Google maps, just stop right now and select this as the destination. Really down to earth, they care about the customers from entry level to experienced users. They have suggestions and tips for everything, a great selection and promising looks into future inventory. Cool place to chill, and for all intents the best shop in the area. I'm vehemently opposed to "vape culture" and I didn't get that vibe at all when I visited. I whole heartedly recommend going here first before even considering other shops
Greg McDonnell
I have been here a few times now. Everybody who works there is extremely nice. I am pretty new to vappingand I ended up getting a brand new mod and my first RDA. They showed my how to use it and maintain it. The prices are unbelievably good. The juice selection is fantasticly price and great quality. My vape shop gurenteed.
Ryan Depth Phillips
This place is kick ass! The staff is super friendly. If you haven't already definitely check em out. They got exclusive juice can't get anywhere else. These people are there for YOU and respect and appreciate your business. This is my new spot any vape gear I need WILL be bought here. Thanks again guys keep up the good work!